What people are saying about Yey Yey Experiences
(From audiences,  one on one coaching and use of Yey Yey Blend Essential Oils)
Note – For the privacy of our coaching clients, we do not post their names; however, some audience members have provided names.

“Linda delivers valuable cutting edge tools to increase wellness instantly.  Thank you!  Our group is still talking about your session.”  –  Mary Ann Chartrand, Spellbinders Speakers Group

“Linda is not only inspiring but is a true example of the power of energy.”  –  Chloe Edgecombe

“Yey Yey Coaching has nailed it with their essential oils.”  –  (Male client)

“I really appreciated how Linda explained how stress can affect our body, but with proactive techniques we can have more control.”

“Linda gave a clear, concise and informative presentation that illuminates the benefits of balancing energy in the human body.  I am utilizing the techniques in the morning and during my work day.”  –  (Male client)

“I am bathing in the essential oils that you are creating and now have my whole office enjoying and benefiting from them.”

“A Yey Yey Session – The whole experience lasted approximately 15 minutes.  When I was trying to find the words to describe how I felt, the only words that I could think of was ‘balanced and strong’.”

“The sessions with Linda have been a truly amazing experience.  I will never look back, and I am now excited about the future.”  –  D.Y. (Calgary)

“After listening to a Holistic Tools info session, I starting using the Brain Boost Blend for studying and am shocked by the memory retention I have as an adult!  Thank you Linda you just made my life more relaxed.”

“From the first call to Linda, she welcomed me and accommodated my hectic schedule for visits.  After my first session, I was able to start on a more productive plan of action to work on my hypertension and relief from dealing with stress issues.”

“I can’t remember being so relaxed, having such clarity, balance and a feeling of wellness.  I even find my workout easier.”

“Wow – I have not slept through the night in years, I have chronic pain and a high stress job.  After implementing Linda’s quick energy routine and the use of the oils, I am sleeping like a teenager and managing life with ease and far less pain.  I can’t wait to attend another workshop from Linda.”

“Having an injured shoulder for years, Linda suggested some energy healing techniques to maybe help alleviate some of my discomfort.  Linda found and cleared a blockage, this was an amazing difference.  Now today, I still feel focused, strong, balanced and I don’t feel like I am fighting myself.  I can honestly say, I feel grounded, my energy flows I feel complete.”

“With a great daily routines, affirmations, and sleep enhancing rituals, I found that I gained relief from anxiety and had learned how to deal better with my day to day living.  I can totally recommend Linda – you will see positive results and learn to live happier and stronger!”

“Yey Yey Coaching was an extremely rewarding experience.”

“The presentation was very enlightening, I learned some good stuff!”

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Wait!! Have YOU been robbed?

Are you missing your Willpower and Determination?  Years ago when we set a goal or needed to get a task done, we could simply gear down and get it done.  However in this modern lifestyle that Determination and Willpower is being utilized to cope on a daily basis.  The good news is we can plug the drain that is utilizing our Willpower and Determination reserve and build the resilience to handle whatever life has to offer.

Some may notice the loss of their Determination and Willpower just by mentioning the word GOALS, because it means adding one more thing to an already full to do list, which creates immediate overwhelm.   For others, you have an instant replay of ALLLLL the other times that you didn’t succeed with goals and the feeling of going there again makes your stomach do a flip flop.  Then there are those, who initially are determined to make change at any cost, only to find your tank drains quickly and the cost is your well-being.  Or the ones who are feeling stuck, lost and wanting a goal, direction, change or SOMETHING different, but haven’t found the energy to start, or explore what they really want.

 During Goals with Purpose, we address where you are right now, where your energy is at and situations where you want more alignment.  We guide you through understandings of how you can boost your energy, clarity and decision making to live the life that you desire.  We work with the mind and body to gain the energy and alignment to live your true potential.

 Big goals, simple goals, steps towards goals, goals to become calmer, goals to remove stress, goals to increase concentration, goals to overcome fatigue, goals to gain communication skills, goals to have the energy to get more involved with your children, goals to feel more motivated and inspired, goals to be happier, goals to create abundance, goals to increase physical performance …… any goal is worthy of you giving your best shot at succeeding.  Regain your Willpower and Determination, and arm yourself with tools that will allow your body to keep up with your GOALS, DREAMS, DIRECTION or INTENTIONS!!

Yey Yey Coaching

Linda Abbott-Simons


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