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Yey Yey Coaching is not intended to replace any medical advice, or medication.  It is intended to enhance and assist you to move forward towards your vision and intentions of a healthy lifestyle, minimizing stress, experiencing vibrant energy and YOUR ideal shape.  By registering for a Yey Yey Coaching program, you understand that Linda Abbott-Simons and other coaches are not  doctors.  We recommend that you consult your doctor before starting any exercise or eating program.  Understand that this is YOUR template, and even though we will share suggestions that have worked for others. You agree to take responsibility before implementing any suggestions to adjust to fit your needs.

By agreeing to these terms, I give Yey Yey Coaching permission to send me emails.  (Note that Yey Yey Coaching will not sell, release or distribute email addresses, the email address is for Yey Yey Coaching practices and communication only.)

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Wait!! Have YOU been robbed?

Are you missing your Willpower and Determination?  Years ago when we set a goal or needed to get a task done, we could simply gear down and get it done.  However in this modern lifestyle that Determination and Willpower is being utilized to cope on a daily basis.  The good news is we can plug the drain that is utilizing our Willpower and Determination reserve and build the resilience to handle whatever life has to offer.

Some may notice the loss of their Determination and Willpower just by mentioning the word GOALS, because it means adding one more thing to an already full to do list, which creates immediate overwhelm.   For others, you have an instant replay of ALLLLL the other times that you didn’t succeed with goals and the feeling of going there again makes your stomach do a flip flop.  Then there are those, who initially are determined to make change at any cost, only to find your tank drains quickly and the cost is your well-being.  Or the ones who are feeling stuck, lost and wanting a goal, direction, change or SOMETHING different, but haven’t found the energy to start, or explore what they really want.

 During Goals with Purpose, we address where you are right now, where your energy is at and situations where you want more alignment.  We guide you through understandings of how you can boost your energy, clarity and decision making to live the life that you desire.  We work with the mind and body to gain the energy and alignment to live your true potential.

 Big goals, simple goals, steps towards goals, goals to become calmer, goals to remove stress, goals to increase concentration, goals to overcome fatigue, goals to gain communication skills, goals to have the energy to get more involved with your children, goals to feel more motivated and inspired, goals to be happier, goals to create abundance, goals to increase physical performance …… any goal is worthy of you giving your best shot at succeeding.  Regain your Willpower and Determination, and arm yourself with tools that will allow your body to keep up with your GOALS, DREAMS, DIRECTION or INTENTIONS!!

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Linda Abbott-Simons


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